Commercial trucking, car rental, auto repair, mining, municipal, factory or airport business having its own transport faces service schedule disasters, inventory chaos such as order, shipping, storage and intime provision headaches. Besides that tons of discipline and staff control issues alongside with a tribe of angry clients. Here we are to FIXPEL your nightmares and bring you to the successful business.
reminders, timers
voice/text/templates inapp communication with teammates within each business process
required data for a particular business process
discipline & quality
process timeframes control
step by step manuals
supervisor's control
auxiliary media
trace all process events
process micromanagement
bottleneck discovery
all business process participants are well-informed about state of operations and can take prompt decisions
GPS services integration
accounting integration
part inventory / ordering
third party software integration
real time service monitoring: dedicated video control
transparency: inapp control over service upadated (new issues, cost updates, deadline)
real time invoicing system
Mechanic APP
mechanic's scheduled workload
observe current transport location/distance and traffic route to/ from the auto service /specify transport availability for scheduled work
change the progress status of the work done/ trace colleagues’ progress status
register work breaks and indicate the reasons
request the parts and other items for breakdown elimination
view the transport profile with auto general information/ previously reported breakdowns list/ current breakdown status /odometer at the time of breakdown registration/necessary parts /breakdown audio files /breakdown list of photos
add detected breakdowns
communicate with the shift supervisor
Inspector APP
observe current transport location/ distance and traffic route to/ from the car service/specify transport availability for inspection
view the transport profile with auto general information/ previously reported breakdowns list/ current breakdown status /odometer at the time of breakdown registration/necessary parts /breakdown audio files /breakdown list of photos
change the status of existing breakdowns/works
add detected breakdowns/faults and other transport works
conduct various types of inspections
view inspections history
Recurrent issues manager APP
add/edit/delete recurrent transport works according to time period (compulsory inspection)/ the distance travelled (oil change/brake pads replacement/filter replacement /major engine overhaul etc.) / engine performance time period
Employee schedule manager APP
create/edit employees' schedule with days-off, vocations, sick leaves, leaves of absence
Time-seller APP
workload distribution among the mechanics available
Transport admission manager APP
transport readiness status indication
assessment and admission/non-admission/ admission with caution (restrictions for speed, distance over-the-road transport operation)
System unit manager APP
add/edit/ delete the constituent Fixpel software product elements (trucks, trailers, car service workers, geo-fences, etc)
Service/alignment requester APP
Repair/inspection requests by the transport owner/person responsible
Transport reservation specialist APP
Transport reservation according to transport availability status (admission/non-admission/ admission with caution)
Geofence Manager and Notifier APP
add/edit /delete the car service geofences/parking places/parking lots/areas that require transport control of the vehicle's entry/exit/presence according to its status/ operation parameters/ loading/unloading, etc.
notification about the vehicle’s entry/exit/presence
quick decisions on each vehicle according to operation parameters
Audio processing specialist APP
Required information audio recording and its processing (listening/ necessary information extracting/ key attributes entering/ document creation)
Spare parts request manager APP
Parts request from the warehouse specified by delivery time/certain vehicle/responsible person
Spare parts coordinator APP
parts order placing / order status tracking in accordance with Fixpel system specialist's requests/ spare parts quantity available at the warehouse/ use dynamics/ parts availability forecast
Parts receiver APP
spare parts receipt control
order receipt time and person responsible
ordered/accepted parts conformity
accepted parts quality control
documents control
Storekeeper APP
warehouse incoming/outgoing/availability control of parts with operation time/ responsible person indication
integration with RFID and barcode scanner/printer
routine operations of parts entering/removing/verifying automatization
Car service monitoring APP
monitoring of car service processes by the controlling person
achievement of more comprehensive and immediate response to ongoing events
other interested person notification in these events
Invoice manager APP
customer invoicing
Payment manager APP
customer payments
Parts store (spare parts selling) APP
parts selling
Transport Driver APP
Issue registration and updates
On the way repair registration
Life monitoring of issue repair
Claim registration
Transport profile access ( registered issues, inspections, repairs, recurrent maintenance)
Orders from the app
Transport Owner APP
transport breakdown registration
profile view with works/breakdowns/statuses during the entire vehicle operation period
repair request
inspection with indication of schedule time /list of breakdowns/further inspections and works / repair time restrictions (limits)